Glamming Up

By Eve Wee-Ang. Photos by Mavindu 2021-12-28 17:11:19

Colour splashing for the holidays.

In a blink of an eye, we will be bidding 2021 goodbye. When our editor approached me in spring to debut this shopping column, I was thrilled.Having spent years in the fashion industry, fashion has always played an integral role in my life. In this column, our intention is to celebrate every individual’s authentic sense of style. We hope you enjoy it.

For this wrap up issue, we are inviting you to glam up for the holidays! Regardless if your idea of celebration is a quiet evening or a big bash with friends, slipping into something fancy instantly lifts our party mood. When it comes to glamming, I find myself sticking to classic black, but lately, I am inclined to add colours and accessories into my wardrobe especially after meeting Elena Loesch.

Russian-Canadian Elena has been residing in Shanghai for 18 years. She is the designer and owner of label MADAME PURE (WeChat: MADAMEPURE) which produces beautiful dresses for casual and formal occasions. When I visited her showroom, the burst of palettes had me bubbling in a pool of delight.


Blue dress, 2980 RMB from MADAME PURE


Mum in Focus:

Elena Loesch, mum to a 24-year-old daughter, is a fashion designer, business owner, and woman-about-town. She advises women to find a style that feels right and that brings out the best in them. Fashion and bodies are always evolving, but style will always remain our best initials.

Fur Stole, 239 RMB from Cozyfur on Taobao

Clutch, 128 RMB from RADISH on Taobao

Heeled Sandals, 699 RMB from Steve Madden


Elena Loesch’s tips on how to dress for fancy parties:

Try them on:
Don’t believe what your eyes tell you. Try them on! You will be surprised how the simple act of trying on an outfit can open new opportunities of styles and shades you never knew you could carry off.

Accessorise: Accessories elevate any outfit from great to outstanding. If accessories aren’t your thing, try glittery drop earrings for a start since it’s closest to our face, your smile will instantly turn megawatt.


Photos by Mavindu  WeChat: mavinduzero