2022 Student Voices Speech Competition Deadline Extended

By Shanghai Family 2022-03-15 12:14:16


Our annual 'Shanghai Family Student Voices' speech competition is underway. Students can join us by long pressing and extracting the below QR code. This year, we invite future generations to talk about “Green Your Power, Power Your Future”. The deadline for the first round of video submissions is extended until 30 April. 


PETRONAS, one of the top 10 oil and gas brands in the world, is our main sponsor of the competition this year. As a progressive energy and solutions partner, it has been committed to conducting and growing business in ways that contribute positively to society and the environment. 


This time, please share with us your thoughts and expectations about new energy and a green future. We have provided certain themes for you to choose from. Contestants will be divided into three age groups and their choices of theme are different. Check them out: 


Green Your Power, Power Your Future


6-10 yrs old age group

1. My family in action for a Green Future

2. Write a letter to your future self in 2050



11-14 yrs old age group

1. An Energy Dreamer (Please select one of the two topics provided below)

a) What would the future of new energy look like?

b) If you were an energy scientist, what new energy would you use to create a net-zero future? 

2. Brainstorm! How would you use new energy to revamp your home? 


15-18 yrs old age group

1. If you were the CEO of an energy company, how would you balance profitability and social responsibility?

2. If you were the founder of an NGO in clean energy, how would you promote the use of clean energy? 


To participate, you need to submit: Speech on the theme "Green Your Power, Power Your Future";

1. One minute video (file formats: mp4, mov, avi, etc;)

2. One or two short sentences supporting the entry;You need to include your speech title, name, nationality, city, school, grade and contact information in your email;


**All submissions are now due by 30th April 2022



Contestants need to submit his or her short speech via email at editor@shfamily.com. See the poster for details. Selected candidates will then be invited to compete in the semi-finals, which will be held when conditions permit. 

The winners of the semi-final will go through to the final competition in the fall and have the opportunity to win certificates and prizes. 

In addition, if a school has more than 30 contestants in our competition, the speeches can be hold within the school.


And the 2022 Student Voices English Speech Contest has added two new awards:


1. Schools with more than 30 applicants who hold a special school rematch can get a [2022 Student Voices Environmental Star School] trophy;

2. If there are students entering the finals, each school can elect at most 3 instructors (limited to 1 for each age group), and each will receive 1 [2022 Student Voices Excellent Instructor Certificate].


We are waiting for you!



"Green Your Power, Power Your Future" Creative Video Competition 


To engage more young people in the discussion of environmental protection, we have planned another competition: "Green Your Power, Power Your Future" Creative Video Competition. The new contest encourages children to use creative videos to deliver their ideas about environmental protection without being limited to the form of speech. 


In this era, creative videos are one of the best ways to exert your influence.  Will you challenge yourself to use your own creativity to arouse more people's environmental awareness and live a low-carbon life?


We will select top 10 outstanding works from the submitted videos for awards and publish them on our media platform. Just come and sign up! The following are the specifications of the competition. Please read carefully. 


Submission period: From now until April 30, 2022




1. Contestants should use  environmental protection as the theme of the video. Excellent videos are supposed to be postive, creative and interesting. 

2. Captions and dubbing should be in English.

3. Brand logos or watermarks are not allowed in the video.

4. The form can be animation, drama, explanation, interview and etc.

5. The submitted videos must be original and the materials involved (including but not limited to pictures, music, fonts, etc.) must have legal sources. Contestants who violate the requirements will be disqualified from the competition and the honors they have won. They will bear all the legal consequences on their own. 



Format Requirement

1. It can be recorded and produced through mobile phones, cameras and other equipment.

2. The format must be MP4 and the resolution should be 720P (1280×720) and above. 

3. The file should be named in the format: work title + author's name + school name.


Video length

 Duration: 30-120 seconds




1. Submission email: editor@shfamily.com

2. Tel: 021 5838 1991/ 021 5838 1961

3. Submission by individuals, group or school is acceptable.

4. Please attach the title of the work, the introduction of the work, author's name, nationality, city, school, grade and contact information when submitting. 



We will select top 10 outstanding works from the submitted videos for awards. 



Come and join us!