Free Online 24/7 Health Consultations Now Available at Jiahui

By Shanghai Family 2022-03-16 16:44:27

Reliable and convenient access to healthcare is crucial, particularly in times of uncertainty when a regular visit to a hospital or clinic might be more difficult than usual.

Through Jiahui's newly launched online consultation service you can now get safe, reliable and personalized medical advice from their physicians for free around the clock, wherever you are. Online consultations cover a wide range of topics and concerns patients may have.



How to access this service ?

1. Scan any of the two QR codes in the above poster and add the Online Medical Assistant

2. Jiahui's Online Medical Assistant will connect you with a healthcare professional according to your query

3. You can now communicate with Jiahui's healthcare professional via text or call


If you wish to learn more about Jiahui Health and their services, please scan this QR code to access the Jiahui Health official WeChat account:


Jiahui Health official WeChat account