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By Shanghai Family 2022-03-18 13:08:10

As Shanghai continues to muddle through these uncertain times, Epermarket wants customers to know they are doing all they can to ensure continued service all in the community as best as possible.


Who Are Epermarket ?


Epermarket started as a small company with a simple idea for better food safety 10 years ago. It has now become one of the leading online foreign grocery platforms across China with the goal to bring safe, high quality, and healthy foods and products right to your door.


Epermarket has rapidly grown into a full-scale operation with over 300 employees, multiple platforms in three different languages with over 8,000 of the best products from around the world. Epermarket’s mission is not only to bring you high quality, healthy, and affordable foods and products, but also to give a big resounding thank you to everyone. They want the community to know that the support and trust you put in Epermarket has been the biggest drive towards continued growth and success throughout the years!


What They Are Doing Right Now


Epermarket’s fantastic sourcing department is working around the clock to keep so many items in stock. Fresh vegetables and fresh meat in particular are becoming increasingly hard to source, luckily by having great relationships with suppliers, and through unique partnerships with more than 38 farms, they are able to maintain the best levels of stock wherever possible.


In order to maintain high stock levels, and to prepare for any temporary closures of suppliers, Epermarket will be increasing internal shelf life protocols. Epermarket is extremely proud of the policy and efforts to ensure that products are stored based on the minimum shelf life as opposed to the maximum.



For example, organic vegetables in China have a five day shelf life, but Epermarket will normally only keep vegetables for two days. However, during this period vegetables will kept in stock for up to a maximum of three days. Likewise, fresh meat has a 3-5 day shelf life but under normal circumstances it is only kept for one day. However, it will increase to two days during this time to help ensure continued service to all clients with a full range of stock.


All of these measures are temporary, and as soon as Epermarket is able to continue normal service again, they will return to previous shelf life protocols. Rest assured that Epermarket will maintain food safety standards and quality assurance.



Epermarket understands that this current situation is difficult for everyone, but will continue to do all they can to remain fully stocked, operational and at your service throughout. Rest assured that no matter how events unfold in the near future, Epermarket will ensure every customer continues to receive a positive shopping experience, each and every time. These are challenging times for everyone, but Epermarket will continue to do their best – Epermarket is here for you!


Contactless Deliveries


Contactless deliveries will continue to operate to best protect you and their team, where orders are packaged in cardboard boxes and delivered to the most convenient location, either outside your door, or if your compound is shut, to the designated area. Epermarket will then send an SMS to let you know it’s received.



A Little Something Extra


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Should you have any queries, the Customer Service team is on hand to help. They are available daily from 8am - 10pm on or 400-776-0776


Alongside the well-stocked meat and vegetable range, there is plenty of products in stock to get you through any lockdown situation!





Angus Fresh Grain Fed Sirloin 280g


Angus Fresh Grain Fed Ground Beef 250g

Angus Fresh Grain Fed Ground Beef 250g


Organic Broccoli 400g

Organic Carrots 1kg


Organic Baby Potatoes 350g

Organic Baby Potatoes 350g


Alain Gayrel Merlot Red Boxed Wine 5L

Alain Gayrel Merlot Red Boxed Wine 5L


Crimson Pangolin Gin 700ml

Crimson Pangolin Gin 700ml


Acqua Panna Still Natural Mineral Water 750mlx12

Acqua Panna Still Natural Mineral Water 750mlx12


Dr. Oetker Vitalis Classic Chocolate Muesli 600g

Dr. Oetker Vitalis Classic Chocolate Muesli 600g


Arla Whole UHT Milk 1L x6

Arla Whole UHT Milk 1L x6


Whole Wheat Toast Bread 240g

Whole Wheat Toast Bread 240g


Ferrero Nutella 750g

Ferrero Nutella 750g

¥62.00 2nd 50% OFF

Skippy 100% Natural Creamy Peanut Butter 425g

Pic's Smooth Peanut Butter 380g


Bibigo White Cabbage & Pork Dumplings 490g

Bibigo White Cabbage & Pork Dumplings 490g

¥25.00 NOW ¥21.00

Planters Mixed Nuts 184g

Wonderful Classic Roasted Salted Almonds 318g



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