V&A Bags: Inside Out Experience Tour at Taikoo Li Qiantan

By Shanghai Family 2022-07-19 17:43:16

From 14 July to 4 August, "Bags: Inside Out", a bag-themed experience tour, is available at RE:charge multi-function hall at Taikoo Li Qiantan.



Presented by Swire Properties and the V&A Museum, the experience tour is curated by Dr. Lucia Savi and examines the worldwide heritage of these highly covetable objects from the 16th century to today. From designer handbags, vanity cases to utilitarian rucksacks, the experience tour explores four themes of bags - "Function and Utility", "Status and Identity", "Design and Making” and "Collecting Bags". The four themes present over 240 pieces from the collections of many famous designers and fashion brands. Each bag in the experience tour has its own story, representing diverse cultures. In the meantime, the experience tour includes handbags worn by or associated with celebrities, including the Hermès "Kelly" bag, Christian Dior "Lady Dior" handbag, and more.



Also, 20th century American celebrity Emilie Busbey Grigsby's Louis Vuitton trunk is available on viewing for the first time to the Chinese public. The final section of the experience tour is co-curated by Swire Properties exclusively for the Chinese Mainland tour. This section features 10 bags from award-winning actress Tang Wei’s private collection, representing cherished moments in the star’s life and career.



Taikoo Li Qiantan offers a unique opportunity for audiences, inviting culture and fashion lovers to find the stories behind the collection of bags spanning over centuries.