Rediscovering Fuxing Park

By Kateryna Gedz 2022-08-03 18:58:54

If there’s anything the months-long lockdown taught us, it is to appreciate the things we have right around the corner. Let’s focus on those little islands of nature among the skyscrapers that we missed from home, parks.

Fuxing Park is an amazing place to spend a day outdoors. There’s something for everyone, shaded benches for readers, beautiful views for artists, a lawn for picnic-goers, and an entire alley, which I’ve unofficially called the music academy, where beginner players hone their saxophone skills every morning. There are statues, fountains, and a rose garden complete with vine-covered arches for those who came to appreciate the architecture. There are countless paths among trees, a rocky “mountain” road, and even a waterfall for those who wanted to get away from urban life. There are huge open spaces for those who planned an outing with friends, and there are tiny hidden paths for those who came to be alone.

As someone who has practically grown up in Fuxing Park, I can attest to the fact that it’s a great place for kids as well. It’s even a little strange to research its historical significance when I’ve always viewed it as the place to go outside and play. While the little amusement park inside was temporarily closed due to COVID restrictions, there are plenty of other spots to explore. From the trees that are surprisingly climbable (as long as you don’t get caught!), to the weaving paths through little forests, to the space behind a waterfall, to the huge lawn where you can run free. There are countless places for kids to enjoy themselves. Even now, every once in a while, I find hidden corners and paths I hadn’t noticed before.

Around last winter, parts of the park started to be barricaded off with blue walls for renovations. The reopening was planned for April, but the lockdowns have pushed it back to an uncertain date. A look behind the walls reveals new paths in what was previously a wasteland hidden behind bushes. Some parts have reopened already despite the delay. There is now another beautiful garden visible from the outside where a tall fence previously stood. I’m very excited to see what changes that will be made in the next few weeks!

The neighborhood around the park is worth exploring as well. Right outside the Fuxing Middle Road exit is Sinan Mansions, a beautiful place to spend an afternoon. The park is in the historical part of town, and the site of the first CPC National Congress is within walking distance. Moreover, there are countless smaller parks in the area. Hop on a bike and begin rediscovering the city you call home!



-Only the West Gate (Gaolan Road 2A) is currently open, the other two are only used as exits.


-It can get very busy on weekend afternoons, avoid those times to avoid crowds.


-The lawn, the amusement park, and some paths are temporarily closed due to COVID restrictions and renovations.


-Dogs, bikes, roller skates, etc. are not allowed in the park.


-Make sure to prepare your 72-hour PCR test QR code to enter.