School Roundup: Summer 2022

By Shanghai Family 2022-08-06 18:00:36

Find out what our schools were up to this summer. A whole new batch of fresh graduates were celebrated, achievements were earned, and competitions were completed.


BISS Puxi Class of '22

On Friday 10 June, the fantastic Class of 2022 was able to come together with their families and teachers to celebrate their graduation from BISS Puxi. It was an online event hosted by one of the wonderful Year 13 students, Jocelyn Chok, with support from Laura De Araujo Petiot and Ms Reen. Lots of IB teachers shared messages of good luck and great memories. The school celebrated the uniqueness that every single student from the year group brings – their talents, skills, passions and academic attainments.


Top 10 Dulwich Pudong

Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong was named Top 10 World's Best School for Supporting Healthy Lives, in the inaugral The World's Best School Prizes founded by T4 Education. The prize recognises schools that provide access, relevance and opportunities for students, staff, and the community to develop healthy habits, behaviours, knowledge, and skills. Head of College Caroline Taylor says, "This recognition is important to our community as health and wellbeing are at the heart of all that we do."


Wellington College International Shanghai Online Speech Day

The 25th May was Speech Day at Wellington College International Shanghai. The graduating Class of 2022 celebrated challenges met, successes achieved, friendships forged and a future full of endless possibilities. Pandemic-related restrictions meant the ceremony was conducted online. Several 2022 Leavers shared insight and advice on making the most of their future. Others put on inspired musical performances. Congratulations to the Class of '22!


Student Voices Semi Finals Concluded

The annual Shanghai Family Student Voices Speech Competition finished the semifinal round in June. Participants shared their views on a net-zero carbon future as part of this year's topic "Green Your Power, Power Your Future." Over 250 students from Grade 1-12 representing 24 schools participated in the virtual competition. The list of finalists advancing to the final round of competition this fall can be found on the WeChat account: ShanghaiFamily.


SAS Celebrates Graduates with Bund Lightshow

As the school year came to an end during lockdown, the graduating class of Shanghai American School was still sent off in a grand fashion. On the evening of 10 June, the Citigroup building along the Huangpu River was lit up with "SAS Class of 2022." This special event was a gift from an anonymous donor to the graduating class. The light spectacle was witnessed by Shanghai American School faculty, along with parents and the honored graduating students. The event allowed everyone to properly celebrate the milestone of high school graduation and enjoy a lasting memory together.


SCIS Congratulates Graduates on University Acceptances

The SCIS Class of 2022 bid their farewell and are now preparing to depart to distinct parts of the world to begin a new journey. This year the SCIS Dragon graduates were accepted into 96+ top universities from Asia, the US, the UK, Canada, and all over Europe. The school applauds the Class of 2022 for challenging themselves, personally and academically, through the IBDP where they have become well-rounded students. Through the IB Programme, Dragon graduates are ready for reality, ready to make ethical decisions in complex and unpredictable situations.


Shanghai Qibao Dwight High School Grads Earn Top Offers

Shanghai Qibao Dwight’s Class of 2022 enjoyed extraordinary success in their college applications, earning offers to some of the world’s leading universities in over ten countries worldwide. While the school celebrated the fact that 80% of the student body earned offers to top 50 universities, Qibao Dwight are most proud of the ways in which they reflect the school’s Seven Virtues as they set off on their next journey. Congratulations to the graduating class of students on their academic acheivement and milestone. For more information about Qibao Dwight, visit


Shanghai Gold Apple Students Persist During Lockdown

SH Gold Apple's online courses ran the duration of lockdown. How did students and teachers fare at home? Armed with stationery and books, students sat in front of screens, focused on courseware and did homework as usual. Teachers asked questions and waited for students to respond positively. Assignments were handed in on time as usual. In the spring afternoons, students did fitness activities such as badminton, running and golf. They also made delicious lunches for their families. SH Gold Apple stayed firm in the belief that all the good things would come back and everyone could pick themselves up and start again! The school guards the safety and health of the campus, and embraces a more brilliant and beautiful year.