Spotlight on Class of ‘22 Graduates

By Lynn Yen 2022-08-14 17:14:42

Completing high school and one’s secondary education is a massive accomplishment. We applaud all of the students who graduated this year. Well done! The Class of 2022 is resilient and adaptable having completed their educational journeys under the influence of Covid-19, which continues to change traditional education.

We also celebrate the star students of various schools around Shanghai. They have all been role models for everyone to learn from. We are confident these accomplished bright minds will overcome future hurdles with grace and determination. Best of luck in your future plans!


Wellington College International Shanghai

Name: Cindy Yining Cai

Nationality: Canadian

College/University: School of Visual Arts in New York City

Intended Major: Illustration


What are your immediate future plans?
I am working on an illustrated book with my friend, and I am illustrating stories for charities.

Why did you pick your university and major?

Influenced by Lisk Feng, I seek to draw my whimsical world and imaginary space that will touch the viewers’ feelings. Moreover, the School of Visual Arts’ illustration program is ranked the top one in the United States. I am looking forward to New York City’s inclusive and unrestrained environment.

What achievement are you most proud of?

At the beginning of year 13, I won the second prize in the 2021 Art & Writing Competition. This achievement broadens my opportunities in other areas as well. For example, I have been selected as one of the recipients of the Silas H. Rhodes Scholarship at the School of Visual Arts.

What was the most valuable lesson high school taught you?
The most valuable lesson I learned from Wellington is to explore your passion and be yourself. It is important to know what you are interested in and take action to achieve your goals. Not everyone must follow the same path. It’s time to plan your own way and create a positive impact.


Concordia International School Shanghai

Name: JingXi Yap

Nationality: Malaysian

College/University: Northwestern University

Intended Major: Neuroscience


Immediate future plans?

I’m going to go to Northwestern, make new friends, and take advantage of the opportunities there.

Why did you pick your university?
Northwestern places a lot of emphasis on its interdisciplinary studies, and I really appreciate the fact that I will be able to explore my wide range of passions there – from theatre to STEM and everything in between.

What are you doing this summer?
My plan for this summer is to visit my family in Malaysia, study for some college placement tests, and get lots of rest before I embark on my college adventure. I also want to take some time to read a couple of good books that I haven’t gotten around to finishing.

What was the most valuable lesson highschool taught you?
I learned a variety of valuable lessons in high school, like how to work with a variety of people, how to study efficiently, and how to not take myself too seriously. However, the most valuable lesson was to live in the present and treasure every moment.


Name: Ryan Su

Nationality: United States

College/University: Duke University

Intended Major: Biomedical Engineering


Immediate future plans?

Staying in Shanghai and enjoying time with friends and family before I leave.

Why did you pick your university?
Duke was my top choice because I think it’s a place where I can pursue my passions, whether they’re academic or not. What really stood out to me was Duke’s different programs and organizations that contribute to a really vibrant student life.

What are you doing this summer?
For most of the summer, I’m staying in Shanghai. I want to spend time with my family members and high school friends who are still here. I want this summer to be about enjoying my last few months as a student in Shanghai.

What was the most valuable lesson high school taught you?

The most valuable lesson I learned was to do things you enjoy. I think high school is really a time for exploration and discovery. Try new things and pursue your passions! And also make sure to appreciate the time you spend with people you value.


Harrow International School Shanghai

Name: Midori Sissons

Nationality: British

College/University: Cambridge

Intended Major: Biological Natural Sciences


What are your immediate future plans?
During the summer, I hope to invest time in skills and hobbies like language learning and art. Firstly, I hope to finish studying my HSK6 qualification in Mandarin. I’m also considering picking up a new language. Secondly, I want to get back into portrait drawing,

Why did you pick your university and major?
1. Teaching style - ‘supervisions’ (small group teaching)
2. Opportunity to discuss with world leading experts in their fileds.
3.Collegiate system- belong to a small community where I find campus experiece would be more personalized.

What achievement are you most proud of?
That would be receiving an offer to read Natural Sciences at Cambridge. I think this achievement encompasses a bulk of the work I’ve put into my academics over the last several years, as well as my passion for studying science. Studying at Cambridge has been a dream of mine since I was younger.

What was the most valuable lesson high school taught you?

Learnt how to prioritise and manage my time. I was taking 4 A-levels, self-studying an AS level, and completing my EPQ research project on glioblastoma treatment-these were on top of my commitments as head student, managing the monitor and student council teams, and preparation for applications.


Lycée Français de Shanghai

Name: Riadh Khlif

Nationality: Romanian

College/University: I plan to pursue a scientific education at Imperial College London, a UK public research university.

Intended Major: I intend to major in physics, as I am inclined towards a research-oriented profession.


What are your immediate future plans?
I plan to focus on my undergraduate studies while being involved in extra-curricular activities.

Why did you pick your university and major?
I chose to study at Imperial College London as it is a world-class university for studying theoretical physics and a leading institution in research. I picked the Physics Major because I am fascinated by the beauty of physics and because my passion pushes me to expand my knowledge in the field.

What achievement are you most proud of?
My most memorable achievement was winning 3rd place in the AEFE National Biology Olympiads alongside my peers with whom I built PCR machines and conducted interesting experiments. This experience introduced me to scientific experimentation, which encouraged me to pursue scientific education.

What was the most valuable lesson high school taught you?
My experience in high school made me realize that anyone can dream big regardless of their background or their walk of life. Despite being one of the first non-French nationals at the French School, I nonetheless overcame the cultural and linguistic barriers and excelled academically.


Shanghai Community International School

Name: Paul Chan

Nationality: United States

College/University: New York University (NYU)

Intended Major: Economics


Why did you pick your university?
I wanted to attend NYU because I like the programs and the fact that the campus is in New York. With the campus being in the city, it isn’t very traditional. This way I can get more experience and interact with different people from other walks of life. It will keep me out of the college bubble.

Why did you pick your major?

My dad is an investor and that got me interested in trading. On the surface, it seemed pretty easy but there is a lot more involved than just putting money in and getting a nice return. I find it interesting how economics plays an important role in a lot of things in life and how it can affect politics. I always enjoyed games of chance and reward, but with stocks, they’re more of a scientific base. I did a lot of research and shadowed to learn more about stocks. Then once I turned 18, I began trading.

What was the most valuable lesson high school taught you?
Be proactive. Allocate your time more effectively to map out what you will be doing. This way, you won’t be caught off guard by any exams or projects. Also my physics class was a lot like college where it is more of a lecture style. I’ve been given a lot of freedom to go at my own pace and learn how to adapt to a higher level of learning.


Shanghai American School, Pudong Campus

Name: Kerry Li

Nationality: China

College/University: Williams College

Intended Major: Global Studies


What are your immediate future plans?
I’m going to make the most of the summer to relax and prepare for college.

Why did you pick your university and major?
One of the things I’m looking for in my college experience is extensive interactions with my peers and professors. Thus, a small school like Williams where the faculty to student ratio is rather high fits what I’m looking for. Global studies allows for my exploration of world cultures and how different people interact with each.

What achievement are you most proud of?
I’m most proud of being chosen as class speaker for my class. Though I did not explicitly work towards this role, I like to think that my actions throughout my four years in high school compelled my peers to vote for me.

What was the most valuable lesson high school taught you?

The most valuable lesson I learned is that a setback at one point in time will not determine your future. Having experienced many disappointments in high school, I can comfortably say that they did not cost me as much as I thought they would. Thus, I will not feel too anxious if things do not go my way.


Shanghai American School, Puxi Campus

Name: Ruitao Yang

Nationality: China

College/University: Not certain yet, but most likely the University of Oxford

Intended Major: Politics, Philosophy, and Economics / Economics


What are your immediate future plans?
I’m going to use summer vacation to learn how to drive. Also, I’m keen to start practicing tennis more frequently again.

Why did you pick your university and major?
Politics, Philosophy, and Economics are three subjects that fundamentally drive how individuals and groups make choices and interact. Harnessing the insights of these subjects enables one to improve and impact lives. To this end, Oxford’s PPE program is the best in the world.

What achievement are you most proud of?
I think it would be achieving first place at the China Finals of the National Economics Challenge. My team was made up of close friends, so seeing the hours of work we put in pay off and enjoying that glory together was an unrivaled experience. The trip itself was also full of unforgettable moments.

What was the most valuable lesson high school taught you?
The most valuable lesson I learned was not being afraid to ask for help. I think people often find it awkward or a sign of weakness, but being honest with yourself, reaching out and self advocating when appropriate, and not letting your pride bind you are all essential for long term success.