Street Signs: Anfu Road

By Mia Huang 2023-02-23 16:44:58

Spotlight On: Anfu Road

District: Xuhui

Cross Streets: Changshu, Wulumuqi, and Wukang Road

Nearest Metro Station: Changshu Road Line 1 &7 and Shanghai Library Line 10


If you’re looking for diversity, whether it comes to people, fashion, restaurants, or entertainment, a walk through Anfu Road is what you’re looking for. Anfu Road is famously known as a historic neighborhood. However, there are also many trendy elements mixed into the strong essence of art and literature.



1. Entering Anfu Road from Changshu Road, the first thing you’ll see is the bright purple eaves of the famous BOOM BOOM BAGELS. Here, you’ll be able to catch up with a friend over an authentic New York Bagel. They offer vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and lactose-free options. Next by the store, ShenJing has Japanese shaved ice as dessert. However, if you’re planning for a larger gathering or a bigger meal, keep walking until you pass by Alimentari, that is well known for great options in Italian brunch, along with its adorable cottage-styled interior design.



2. Being known for its artistic atmosphere, you’d definitely passby a few stores that sell unique artworks of different mediums. A notable store is Gülizar, that sells handmade Turkish carpets in all sizes and varieties of colors and patterns. It’s definitely worth taking a look, even just to admire the detailed patterns displayed on them! Along the way you’d also pass by Casa Casa and their warm, contemporary furniture pieces and room decorations.



3. As you continue walking down Anfu Road, you’ll passby a minimalistic looking fragrance store Senlab. Here you’ll be able to find lovely fragrances, essential oils, handmade soaps, and scented candles that are perfect for gifting. Their products focus on plant-based scents including sandalwood, cedar, cinnamon, sage, juniper and many more.



4. If you’re eco-friendly, Deja Vu is a three-story shop that sells both second hand books and clothing. Come by if you’re looking to find a new book (and for a much lower price). Deja Vu also offers a large variety of books on their online store, so definitely check out their app while you’re there. Right next door, you’ll see Harmay, a two-story cosmetic store with a holistic collection of products. Harmay offers face masks, makeup, skincare products, and fragrances from both well-known brands and smaller domestic brands.



5. Next to the bookstore, you’d also see Sunflour Bakery with their drinks and pastries. They have a large seating area, great for meeting up with a friend, getting some work done, or catching up on some reading. Lastly, as you reach the end of Anfu Road, you’ll pass by Funk & Kale, another great option for a healthy meal. Funk & Kale offers poke bowls, Japanese sukiyaki, avocado toast, kale wraps, salads, pho, and more. It’s friendly for all diets, and also offers an outdoor seating area, perfect for an Autumn afternoon. Right across Funk & Kale, you’ll see Marienbad, an outdoor cafe with a great view where you’ll see lots of doglovers and their adorable dogs chilling under the sun!