Young Adult Novels

By Ashika Govindan 2023-02-23 16:52:36

Reading can be an easy way to travel across the world and escape, which is what we teenagers need during the summer! With many travel restrictions, it might be one of the only ways. So why not cherish it with some nice YA novel reads, for that mix of drama and youth. These recommendations range from crime mysteries to fantasy, to essays on humans, and they all are exciting and unique books written by incredible authors. Enjoy reading!


* denotes mature themes (death, drugs, assault)


A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder*

By Holly Jackson

A murder happened in a small town, and everyone had it figured out. Sal Singh murdered school girl Andie Bell. Everyone knows that he did it, but Pippa has her doubts. Under the guise of her senior project, she decides to re-investigate the murder. As she learns more, the dangers start to follow, and clearly, there is something (or someone) that wants to keep things under wraps. Will Pip figure everything out, or is she dooming herself by investigating?


The Gilded Ones*

By Namina Forna

In a world where gods, demons, and monsters are known to exist, 16-year-old Deka lives in a society that believes women serve men. She is waiting for the blood ceremony, where it will be shown if she is pure or impure. On the day of the ceremony, her blood runs gold, and she knows she will face death. As she gives up, she is allowed to continue living, if she becomes a warrior. She discovers some strange things and finds that the world is not as it seems. Join Deka and the nation of Otera on their journey to knowledge, to the truth.


The Anthropocene Reviewed

By John Green

In this book, John Green has compiled a bunch of essays reviewing various aspects of this human-centered planet, like Diet Dr. Pepper and Googling strangers, giving each aspect a rating out of five stars. The idea is to truly show the impact humans have on each other and the planet, by thoroughly understanding our randomness and patterns. Hard to define, but incredibly easy to recommend!



By Gretchen McNeil

Welcome to the near future, where good and honest citizens can enjoy watching the executions of society’s most infamous convicted felons, streaming live on The Postman app from the suburbanized prison island Alcatraz 2.0. Our main girl Dee Guerrera has been wrongly convicted for her step-sister’s murder. The entire world is waiting to watch her execution on Alcatraz 2.0 and she keeps fighting off her death. Will she be brutally murdered, or will she and her troop of convicted felons find a way to escape?



By Sara Holland

Time is money, taken from your blood, and consumed to add time to your life. The rich and powerful tax the poor to their deaths, taking all the time for themselves, living for centuries. Jules Ember hates those families, especially the Gerlings, whom her father worked for. When she hears he is about to die, she returns to earn back time.


Where The Mountain Meets the Moon

By Grace Lin

Inspired by beautiful Chinese folklore, the book follows a young farm girl named Minli, who wants to help her family out of poverty. She goes on a journey where she meets a dragon who joins her to ask the Old Man of the Moon for answers to all problems. On her way, she learns more about life and gains many friends.

The Midnight Library*

By Matt Haig

Nora Seed has decided that her life has nothing left to offer. When she is about to die, she enters a state between life and death. The Midnight Library offers you the chance to try out all the other lives where you made different choices. The one where you married your sweetheart, or the one where you went for a trip to Australia. A beautiful story that reflects the effects of mid-life crisis, but also the idea that your choices change your life in ways you wouldn’t expect.


Opposite of Always

By Justin A. Reynolds

Kate and Jack met on the stairs at a party. They fell in love. Jack knows that Kate is the one for him. But Kate dies. Exactly when she does, Jack is sent back to the party, back in time. Kate is alive again, but he thinks he is dreaming. Soon he realizes that it isn’t a dream, and that he is being sent back to save Kate’s life. But he fails. And he is sent back again. And again. And again. He needs to save her, but at what cost?


One of Us is Lying*

By Karen M. McManus

Five students walk into detention, but only four make it out alive. The police investigate and find that the death was not an accident, and the other four are prime suspects. Simon, the student who died, was just about to spill some scandalous secrets about the other four students, which made them look even more guilty. Everyone has secrets. How far will you go to keep them?


Children of Blood and Bone*

By Tomi Adeyemi

In the land of Orïsha, magic runs through the ground and people. But the ruthless king had ordered the killing of all maji. Zélie’s mother, was a victim, and the incident was very traumatic. Now the kingdom believes that there is no more maji existing. Or so they thought. Zélie finds a way to bring magic and equality back to their world, but the journey is deadly. With some help, she might just save all magic, or destroy everyone.