Global Citizenship and What it Means to Live Worldwise

By Shanghai Family 2023-05-06 15:25:36

Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi’s core mission is to ‘Create learning environments where students develop the knowledge, skills and motivation to have a positive impact on society and the planet’. They define this as developing students who Live Worldwise. In addition to providing an academically rigorous programme that provides pathways to world-leading universities, the goal is to encourage students - and in fact all community members - to make informed choices, take inspired action and create positive impact. What does having a positive impact look like? What areas will be the focus?

This is defined through the 5 key strands of the Global Citizenship Competency framework:


Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi believes that global citizens make meaningful contributions to their communities and strive to improve humanity. Students have an impact through partnerships such as the ambassador school relationship with Educating Girls of Rural China (EGRC), and work with Yunnan-based Elevated Honey Co. By engaging in service, they foster a sense of responsibility towards others and demonstrate commitment to creating a better world.

Environmental Sustainability

Students strive to maximise their positive impact while minimising the harm they cause to the planet. They advocate for animals and the environment, consume responsibly, value connecting with nature, and protect the planet to preserve it for future generations. By embracing environmental sustainability, global citizens recognise the interconnectedness of all things and act accordingly, creating a healthier and more sustainable planet for all.

Intercultural understanding

The school motto is ‘Detur Pons Mundo’, Building Bridges to the World. Students understand their responsibility to learn about other cultures, value multiple perspectives and recognise cultural bias. By seeking to understand and appreciate the diversity of cultures around the world, global citizens build bridges across cultural divides and foster greater respect and understanding between peoples.


Students respect and value others, make people feel included, and recognise that diversity makes communities richer. By celebrating diversity, global citizens build stronger and more inclusive communities that foster understanding, empathy, and connection.

Social Justice

Students act as positive agents of change - aware of their privilege - and strive to promote equity for all through access and opportunity. By being champions of social justice, global citizens fight for the rights and dignity of all people, creating a more just and equitable world for everyone. By embracing all elements of the Global Citizenship Competency framework, Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi believes students will be well placed to be change-makers in the 21st century. They will Live Worldwise.