The S2F2 & 8-Hour Film Challenge Tomorrow’s Filmmakers, Today

By Shanghai Family 2023-05-06 15:49:03

SCIS's soon-to-be Hollywood stars and filmmakers took home 10+ awards from Best Director to Best Horror/Thriller.

SCIS student filmmakers from both the Hongqiao and Pudong campuses were recently a part of the Shanghai Student Film Festival (S2F2), an opportunity for students to showcase their work in the world of film. Whether it’s documenting a restaurant or directing a music video, S2F2 provides an authentic avenue for students to highlight their talent(s) in front of an audience.

This time, our Upper School students took part in an 8 Hour Film Festival, where they were challenged to create a short film at an undisclosed location in just one day. Through this intense challenge, our filmmakers not only presented their creativity, teamwork, persistence, and communication but even took home some significant hardware!

Congratulations to all SCIS students! Check out the list of the S2F2 2023 Genre and Technical awards. Go Dragons!

8-Hour Film Challenge


1st Place

“Forget Me Not” by Zazu Varnai, Hye-Wwon Moon, Tharran Balasubramanian, Gunit Rana, Minsol Kim


3rd Place

“Shutter” by Ariel Pang, Bill Chu, Gui Boaro, Miguel Ortiz, Sarah Pang

Upper School Awards - Genre Awards

IB Final Exams

Highly Commended

“Cheers” by Nga Ching & Ariel Pang


Highly Commended

“Xin Wang - More Than Just a Restaurant” by Bonni Chan

Music Video

3rd Place

“United in Grief” by Jin Lee, Francis Gates, Leo Havgarde


Highly Commended

“Stone Fruit” by Miguel Ortiz, Federico Cordischi, Sarah Pang, Tim Uchtmann

Upper School Awards - Technical Awards

Best Musical Score

1st Place

Bryan Lim “Cheers”


Best Sound Design

3rd Place

Bill Chu “Cheers”


Best Cinematography

2nd Place

Guilherme Boaro “and, Again”


Best Screenplay

2nd Place

Federico Cordischi “Stone Fruit”


Best Director
2nd Place
Nga Ching & Ariel Pang “Cheers” Highly Commended
Bonni Chan “Xin Wang - More Than Just a Restaurant”


Best Actress

2nd Place

Sasha Cassidy “Cheers”


Best Actor

Highly Commended

Miguel Ortiz “Stone Fruit”

Middle School Awards – Genre Awards

Best Drama

1st Place

“Lost Phone” by Lloyd Nkuna, Rid- dhiman Gupta, Phiwa Nkuna, Aedan Pang