Technology Improving Lives

By Eve Wee-Ang 2023-08-03 15:54:39

Gadgets that busy parents swear by

Hair Dryer

Regina Hur is a working mom of a pair of twin boys from South Korea. Blessed with thick hair, she is always looking for the ultimate hair dryer that cuts down hair drying time and lets her achieve the curls that she adores. Her mom who is her beauty and fashion advisor, practically forced her to get the Dyson Airwrap Multistyler back in 2019. Compared to other hair dryers, the price is steep, but mom assured her it was well-worth the money. Mom was right. Since then, she has been raving to all her friends as it makes styling curls so much easier and the best part is, it doesn’t damage her hair and efficiently gets her mane from wet to dry in a jiffy.


Robot Vacuum

For American Ryan Muir, dad of two boys and their adopted dog Freddy, his robot vacuum is a savior. When lockdown started last year, they found themselves constantly sweeping the floor to pick up Freddy’s fur. Luck has it that someone was selling a brand new robot vacuum that was lacking a charging chord but hey, nothing that Taobao couldn’t fix. Now the Muir’s can’t live without it. The downside to having a robot? It loves eating up chords and sneaking into the kitchen to drink Freddy’s water. Not that Freddy minds. Though he was initially startled by the electronic helper, now he simply lies there and minds his own business while the robot bumps and works its way around him.



Kitchen appliances tend to take up room but a multi-cooker that promises to cut, stir, cook, mix, bake and a whole lot of other functions sounds like an appliance worth giving up space for. For Singaporean mom of two Jeanine Quee who is an avid baker, she swears by her Thermomix TM5. Lucky for her, it was a regift by a family friend who didn’t know how to use it and decided to pass it to her. Under her hands, magic happened. Suddenly, cooking and preparation became a breeze especially for Southeast Asian dishes that require constant stirring. Bread dough can be kneaded, nuts can be ground, and dishes can be stir-fried. Jeanine thinks it’s perfect for busy parents who want fuss free yet healthy home cooked meals. Just follow the instructions and leave everything to Thermomix.


Cycling Apps

After the lockdown, people took to the great outdoors in vengeance. Avid cyclist Abass Laouali, father of one from Nigeria who heads out on his bike every weekend, counts on his Strava app and Wahoo Element cycling computer. Strava tracks his performance on his bike. It also connects him with other cyclists both locally and internationally. Wahoo imports cycling routes and tracks useful metrics. These tools feed him information like cycling speed, how much effort he is committing and if it is efficiently distributed throughout the ride. By joining forces with technology, it helps to make him a better and happier rider.