Awarding Excellence in Sport, Arts & Academics at Wellington

By Shanghai Family 2023-08-03 16:28:22

How Wellington Scholars exemplify the advantages of holistic education

Our children’s future success will depend on their ability to adapt and draw connections between a variety of fields of knowledge. They will need to be resilient, self-aware and able to collaborate across cultures. A strong sense of values will guide them like a compass as they navigate the world. Many of these qualities cannot be measured by grades or test scores, but they are essential to a holistic education. When we educate our pupils in mind, body and spirit, they will grow up to be active participants in life and are ready to make a meaningful contribution wherever they are. At Wellington College International Shanghai, there is no stronger proof point of this than our Wellington Scholars.



What makes a scholar?

Whether it is for academics, the arts or sports, receiving a Wellington scholarship is a significant achievement. They are chosen because they exhibit a singular focus in their specialism and are driven by a desire to excel. Moreover, Wellington Scholars are leaders among their peers. The colour-coded pins and ties on their uniforms (yellow for academics, red for the arts and blue for sport) distinguish them as role models on campus. In the wider community, they represent our school and embody the Wellington values of courage, kindness, respect, integrity and responsibility.



The scholar’s journey

Wellington Scholars are challenged far beyond our already rigorous curriculum. Academic scholars’ classroom learning is supplemented with exclusive excursions off campus to attend speaking engagements or other enriching events. Each scholar is assigned a mentor as well. They provide advice, insight and personalised guidance in their academic enquiries. Arts scholars and aspirants dive deeper into their creative pursuits. This takes many forms, from individual instrument lessons for musicians or extra workshops and academy courses for theatrical talents. They are also expected to study their art form in IGCSE, IB and co-curricular activities while they participate in performances and recitals throughout the year.

Sport scholars enjoy enhanced opportunities to train and develop greater mastery within their chosen sport. They benefit from extra training sessions with performance coaches. Scholars co-create individualised sports programmes, (ISPs) that provide mentoring on the psychological aspects of performance, specific fitness programmes and even guidance on nutrition. Sport scholars also compete at the highest possible level in their sport through national age group competitions.



Where does a scholarship take you?

For most pupils who apply to an elite university, outstanding grades and exam scores are a foregone conclusion. A Wellington scholarship, however, provides a pupil with that X factor that sets them apart from others in the applicant pool. “Many universities, particularly those in the United States, want applicants who will contribute to their broader communities through sports and the arts, making our sports and performing arts scholarship programmes an ideal way for our most gifted pupils to hone and showcase their talents to such universities,” says Joshua Beard, Wellington Shanghai’s Director of Higher Education, “and that is exactly the kind of opportunity Wellington’s academic scholarship programme provides.”

Every year, we send Wellington Scholars to top-ranked universities, where they make meaningful contributions. And when they finally graduate, they go out into the world as confident, competent young adults poised to make a positive impact no matter what they pursue.

Do you know anyone who has what it takes to be a Wellington Scholar? Applicants must submit a personal statement on one A4 page outlining why they believe they would make a good Wellington Scholar. Scanned copies of the personal statement should be submitted to Wellington College International Shanghai’s admissions office by email to