Street Signs: Hip Yanqing Road

By Julia Wu Chen 2024-06-14 13:46:18

Districts: Xuhui
Cross Streets: Donghu Road, Changshu Road
Nearest Metro Station: Changshu Road (Lines 1,7)


Step back in time as you explore Yanqing Road, a historic Shanghai neighbourhood that is only 495 meters long. Originally named Grossi Road in 1919 after a French expatriate who died in the First World War, it was later renamed Yanqing Road in 1943. Walking down the street, you will be attracted by the bungalows under the plane trees. These houses stand quietly, shining in the sun. Sometimes, looking through your camera’s lens, you can feel like you are the director of a scene back in old Shanghai with red bricks surrounding the road.



Yanqing Road’s head has a curve. Let’s start the tour there. The Shandong Dumpling Store (14 Yanqing Road) ) is like a time machine that takes you back to the 1980s. It is a traditional jiaozi shop; nothing could be better than warm and fresh jiaozi when exploring the city. Sitting on a wooden chair with the crowds will vividly give you the feeling of a Chinese home. If lucky enough, get the seat in front of the window and enjoy some tranquillity. Shandong Dumpling is definitely the go-to place for old-fashioned jiaozi at a very affordable price.



Across the street is the Old Shandong Fruit Store (23 Yanqing Road) Want some healthy snacks? Try out this fruit shop with enthusiastic Ayi, who are eager to help you select fruit. It’s surprising to know that this small fruit shop has been featured in a Shanghai dialect movie called “爱情神话” or “B for Busy.” If you haven’t visited the store or watched the movie yet, I highly recommend that you do so. 



A little further down the road you’ll find lots of local trendy clothing brands. Monday Sleeping Club (72 Yanqing Road), like the name suggests, it is a very chill and free-spirited streetwear shop. You can find items like sweatshirts, baseball caps, and socks with designs inspired by classic American logos.



GoodBai (92 Yanqing Road), founded in 2021, is a clothing and lifestyle brand by Chinese celebrity actor Bai Jing Ting, with renowned international fashion designer Shangguan Zhe as creative and design director. This sleek shop with modern design has seen long lines of customers down the street since it opened last year. The shop is no longer limited to common fashion categories such as sweatshirts, T-shirts, and sneakers; it has also expanded into slippers, aromatherapy, and others.

Springboarding off of the immaculate success of the clothing store, the Goodbai brand has also decided to open a cafe to complement its business. The Goodbai Cafe (104 Yanqing Road) is very new, which comes with a distinct neatness and tidiness while having a somewhat limited menu. However, the food and drink that is available is delicious by every means. Of course, when I heard that they had a coffee and dark chocolate scone, my hand was already halfway towards unlocking my WeChat pay. The scone came in a small, neat package and was everything I expected and more. While a bit pricy, this cute coffee shop is a must-see if you decide that the Goodbai lines are too long to handle.

At the corner of Yanqing Road and Huating Road is HIDEMI. Founded in 2018, HIDEMI makes simple and comfortable clothing fit for a relaxed and free lifestyle. You can easily spot the store by looking at its half-curved outline and half-garden courtyard on Yanqing Road. After selecting your most wanted clothing from the store, you could enjoy sitting in the courtyard and taking some captivating pictures.

A new addition to the YanQing road scene, Poke & Go diversifies the shopping scene by adding a men’s jewelry store. With three full levels (each with a different jewelry theme) in this store, there is no shortage of items to look through. Several assistants are throughout the store, so any questions or concerns can be immediately addressed. Keep in mind that this is pretty high-end jewelry, so the prices across the board are consistently expensive, some even highly prohibitive. Don’t let that deter you from checking out this shop’s antique-like aesthetic and enjoying some men’s jewelry.



At the tail of Yanqing Road, you’ll find Cheers Burger (185 Changshu Road). Their mouth-watering burgers are sure to satisfy your cravings. The first impression of this burger place is definitely the iconic dilapidated facade and the crowds sitting on the curb eating hamburgers. Well, that is precisely the fun of it! If you want to try a classic American or improvised versions of a Chinese burger, then try it out down the street. Just walk down and grab a hamburger with your friends to have a cheesy day.


If you’re looking for a unique experience, Yanqing Road is definitely worth a visit. While it may not be the most famous or recognizable street, it offers a perfect blend of old and new. You can find a unique style of old Shanghai architecture, as well as a vibrant modern culture that caters to young and trendy individuals. With so much to offer, Yanqing Road is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to explore the diverse and fascinating city.