Teen Tales: Awkward Adolescence

By Julia Wu Chen 2024-06-14 14:22:03

Being in this awkward phase of life isn’t easy at all. At the beginning of our adolescence, we embrace our change in physique and face that we are no longer “kids” anymore. So many things that were not expected before: responsibility, independence, and maturing physique, all swallow us now, making us doubt where we truly stand.

Along with this, most of us fall into the unknown with anxiety and are overwrought by our change of perspective about life. To be free from this overwhelming complexity, we begin habits that we think are considered “cool” to relieve pressure. These habits include smoking, drinking alcohol, and poor eating habits. It is entirely understandable to be stressed, tired, and anxious about life as a teenager, and frankly, it is absolutely normal to feel this way. However, what we need to consider are alternatives when facing pressure while choosing a better lifestyle.

We often overthink things that happen not only about school but also in life in general. A very effective method to release this stress is to write. Writing therapy is extremely easy to do when you want to pour your heart out or want someone to hear you. Not only is it a great way to get things off your mind, but you also find a peaceful time to relax your busy mind.

Feeling overwhelmed and tired after a day packed with hard work is inevitable. However, it’s crucial to prioritize self-care. One of the best ways to recharge is to take a short nap. Research shows that the optimal duration for an afternoon nap is 20-30 minutes. This improves work performance and enhances overall mental agility. With this short break, our nonstop mental processing can work at its full potential again, giving us a sense of control over our stress levels.

We often feel anxious about excessive negative emotions that won’t go away and push our feelings down. It is a habit that drives us to the edge of a cliff. As scary as it sounds, another way to overcome this feeling is to meditate. Close your eyes and listen to silence for three minutes. Think about nothing and relax. That will calm you down and make you think that three minutes is longer than you thought.

Stress is typically caused by external triggers such as deadlines, upcoming exams or overwhelming workloads.Another method to dissolve such feelings is to exercise. This could be taking a walk or swimming. Try exercise to improve the stress and worries on your mind. All emotions and feelings that we feel as adolescents are normal and healthy. But what’s more important about these emotions is that they disclose what life is. We can never avoid or ignore them, but we can find other approaches that dissolve them and make them into pieces of teenage memories.



Julia, a sophomore at Wellington College International Shanghai, is an avid art enthusiast with desires to pursue a major in communications in the future.