Creating a Home Away From Home

By Eve Wee-Ang 2024-06-14 14:34:04

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If you’ve just arrived in Shanghai, a very warm welcome to this beautiful city! My family of four from Singapore have personally called this metropolis home for the last 14 years and we are still loving it.

First things first, looking for a place to stay!

This step is so crucial yet daunting because whilst you want to create a home away from home, you hope that every member of your family shares the same feelings towards your chosen new home too.

Shanghai is a big city and there are varied options for home renters. If city living appeals to you and your family, Stanford Residences properties located in prime districts might just be your answer. I asked Ms Claire Gu, Deputy General Manager, Leasing and Operations to share more.



Ms Gu, please share with our readers what is Stanford Residences and what it stands for.

Stanford Residences is a serviced apartment brand developed by K. Wah Group in China. This year we celebrate our tenth anniversary. We have two prime locations: Stanford Residences Xu Hui and Stanford Residences Jing’an. Since its establishment, we have adhered to the philosophy “Where Enchanted Living Comes Together” - a commitment to creating high-quality serviced apartments.

The features of Stanford Residences are reflected in the quality of the living environment, the meticulous butler service, the comprehensive range of supporting facilities, and its prime location. The variety of room types also meets the needs of different guests.

To make our international families feel at home, we regularly organize activities and celebrate festivals like Easter and Christmas.


Stanford Residences are in high-end prime districts in Xuhui and Jing’an in Shanghai. Please describe the features, facilities, and services that families can expect and enjoy within the compound and its surrounding areas.

The location of the two residences is in bustling business districts that cater to modern family living.

Stanford Residences Xu Hui unit sizes range between 160 – 523 sqm and are a charming blend of old and new Shanghai with large-scale commercial areas like IAPM as well as historical neighbourhoods nearby.

Stanford Residences Jing’an unit sizes range between 227 – 527 sqm and is close to Jing’an Temple, the downtown area of Shanghai.

It also allows frequent traveler guests to quickly reach Shanghai’s major high-speed rail stations and international airports.

Both apartments are equipped with luxurious clubhouses with gyms, indoor swimming pools, children’s playrooms, and meeting rooms to meet the leisure and business needs of guests. We provide a 24-hour front desk service, three times weekly housekeeping service, and many other comprehensive services.



CITTA Residences, part of Stanford Residences, offers co-living space for younger demographics. What is the difference between both brands?

CITTA Residences, part of Stanford Residences, offers co-living space for younger demographics. What is the difference between both brands?

CITTA Residences at Heng Feng Road near Suzhou Creek is our second serviced apartment brand launched by K. Wah Group as a mid-to-high-end apartment living experience to meet a wider range of tenants. The units are one and two-bedroom lofts, ranging in size from 80 to 200 sqm. Outfitted with facilities like fitness clubs and entertainment spaces, it is near UCCA Edge, a contemporary art museum. Ideal for small modern families, working professionals, and art lovers.



Do you have any tips for expat readers looking for “a home away from home”?

It can be very difficult for anyone to leave their familiar surroundings and live in a new place, especially in a foreign country.

To adapt quickly, here are my suggestions. The first step is to find the right accommodation.


Important questions to consider are:

1. Would I prefer to be close to my workplace or the children’s school?

2. Is it easily accessible to amenities such as supermarkets, restaurants, and parks?

Convenient living facilities can greatly reduce the stress caused by changing living environments.



Now here’s the fun part!

Take some time to explore Shanghai and its surrounding areas. Visit landmarks, museums, and cultural venues to familiarize yourself with the city’s unique history and culture. Explore different neighborhoods, taste local cuisine, and get an insight into the lifestyle of the locals.

A quick tip is to communicate with international colleagues who have already settled in Shanghai so they can point you to the right resources and share housing experiences, making it easier in your selection.

Finally, I believe good service is paramount to our daily life. Having a 24-hour concierge service that helps point you to the right resources not only saves us time and improves the quality of our lives, but it greatly gives us peace of mind when adapting to a new country.

Like many families, I believe this peace of mind is what “home away from home” means.




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