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Xouk, from the Azul Group, is located in
the dazzling 1,000 Trees mall along the Suzhou Creek. Visitors are drawn in by the trees planted all over this futuristic building, which was designed by Thomas Heatherwick with Huangshan Mountain in mind. Located on the fifth floor, Xouk restaurant brings a variety of global delicacies to diners. The distinctive Mediterranean-style design offers a mini vacation while still in the city. The res- taurant has an exclusive terrace of more than 150 sqm, with an open view to the Suzhou River.


Step inside, Xouk's style is minimal yet distinctive. The rich red sofas and arched pillars outside make people feel the warmth of the Mediterranean Sea. Contrasting tables and chairs in bright tones, and geometric floor, collide with the semi-arched doors
and windows to create an exotic style. The high ceiling and glass chandeliers give the restaurant a different look during the day and night. The semi-open kitchen and bar, with 50 seats, are an appropriate choice for gather- ings with friends and family.


In the same vein as the Chinese-Western style of architecture, Xouk offers diverse global delicacies. You can taste the tradi- tional British dish shepherd's pie, which combines the rich pie skin, delicious meat sauce, blended with sweet peas, the beef that has been simmered for hours, and is paired with sweet corn cakes. There is a Middle Eastern-style hummus with olive oil and special oriental spices mixed in. Plus, Xouk's freshly baked flatbread has a pliable taste with a unique wheat fragrance, and can be matched with various soups and sauces. If it’s a small gathering, order a generous serving of Singapore seafood stew. As soon as you open the colorful tagine pot, you can smell the fra- grance. The rich-tasting soup is blended with fresh mangoes that are especially appetiz- ing. Fresh prawns, plump mussels and other seafood are in the pot, and the soup is full

of Southeast Asian flavors, making it even sweeter. Desserts are Italian-style gelato, with its low fat content, low stirring speed, and a denser and less burdensome texture. After a delicious meal, you can sit on the terrace with a cocktail, and enjoy the panoramic view of the Suzhou River.