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The second AHN LAN in China is located in Xinchang, which is called “Guilin in Jiangnan”, close to Chuanyan Nineteen Peak Scenic Area. The hotel has six function areas. The whole layout is closely related to the local geographical environment, leaning against the steep rocks and facing the murmuring Hanfei River. The Danxia landform characterized by “elegance, seclusion, wonder and danger” has surrounded the hotel layer by layer. The mountains are densely covered with bamboo trees. The overall tea garden paths are continuous. The winding water in the valley is dotted with waterfalls, flowing springs, streams and pools. Visit the scenic spot, and the beautiful landscape in eastern Zhejiang that is perfectly integrated with the well arranged hotel buildings.


ADDRESS: 666 Hanfei River Road, Chengtan Street, Xinchang County, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province

TEL: (0575) 8628 6666