Conceived by Paul Pairet since 1996 and supported by VOL Group, Ultraviolet is the first restaurant of its kind uniting food with multi-sensorial technologies in order to create a fully immersive dining experience. Ultra-Dining, has three Michelin Stars and one of The World's 50 Best Restaurants since 2015. A single table seats ten only, in a dining room of high-end technology, a 20-course "Avant-Garde" set menu.

All guests sit together. The experience unfolds as a play. Food leads. Each course is enhanced with its own taste-tailored atmosphere: lights, sounds, music, scents, projection, images and imagination... and food. To influence, entertain, challenge, interact, celebrate, boost, immerse, or simply support the perception of taste. To induce the role of the elusive “Psycho-Taste”, and acknowledge the influence, on taste, of everything about taste… but the taste. To offer a bold and exclusive dining experience that engages all the senses to create the ultimate luxury: Emotion. Ultraviolet opened on 18th May, 2012.


ADDRESS: Bund 18, 6th floor, 18 East Zhongshan 1st Road