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From Tony Lu and the team behind Fu 1088 and Fu 1039 comes this high concept Chinese vegetarian restaurant. Though it is an entirely meat-free experience, to simply call it vegetarian doesn't quite do it justice. Similarly, while Fu He Hui's dishes are classically familiar, to label them "traditional" would leave out the element of experimentation in preparation and presentation. Served in a format that's perhaps similar to Japanese omakase, a meal at Fu He Hui flows through a series of six to 10 individual courses, each a little more than a mouthful or two. With every course comes an attention to combining and distilling different flavors. Each portion conveys an entire course’s story. The culinary journey at Fu He Hui is filled with ingredients indigenous to Asia, like red bean, longan, tofu and lotus roots. Knowing that each dish is meat-free will be a pure delight to vegetarians and also spark a sense of surprise in omnivores who think a meal isn't complete without meat. This year, Fu He Hui received one star in the 2021 Shanghai Michelin Guide again.


ADDRESS: 1037 Yuyuan Road

TEL: 021 3980 9188