Date founded 2016

Grade level  Harrow Cubs to Year 13 (18 months to 18 years)

Curriculum Early Years follows the Harrow Early Years Curriculum (AHEYC). Pre-Prep and Prep are based on the English National Curriculum, culminating in IGCSE for Year 10 and Year 11; A Level at Sixth Form (Year 12 and Year 13)

Languages taught English, Mandarin, Spanish

School strengths 450 years of Harrow heritage, tradition, and global excellence; Mandarin Core Curricu- lum; Leadership and Service Programme; Academic Excellence: Over 70% of A Level grades were again an A* or an A; All school leavers were accepted by their first-choice university including Cambridge University; Unique learning opportunity for children aged between 18 months to 24 months at Harrow Cubs.

Tuition ¥260,000 - 360,000/year

Description A Harrow Shanghai education is based on the same ethos and identity that has charac- terised a Harrow education in the UK for centuries and here you will find a school where the best of Western and Eastern traditions, history and heritage are seamlessly fused.


Address: 588 Gaoxi Road, Pudong District, Shanghai


Telephone: +86 (21) 6881 8282 ext. 210/212

WeChat: HarrowSH 哈罗上海

Facebook: Harrow International School Shanghai