Date founded Founded in Hong Kong in 1932, established in Shanghai in 1993

Grade level Kindergarten (K2) to Year 13

Curriculum YCIS International Curriculum (Y1-Y9), IGCSE, IBDP

Languages taught English, Mandarin, Spanish (in Secondary school)

School strengths Chinese Language & Culture, Placement at top global universities, Academics, Music, Art, Co-Curricular Activities, Sports

Tuition ¥162,000 - ¥348,600 (2023/2024)


YCIS Shanghai was the first independent international school in Shanghai officially recognised by, and registered with, the Chinese government. It is also the only school in all of Asia to have received the Cambridge Award for Excellence in Education. Renowned for its unique multicultural and bilingual approach to education, YCIS has a special focus on students learning both English and Mandarin at a high level. YCIS has six campuses in prime locations in both Puxi and Pudong. YCIS students consistently earn Top in World, Top in China, and High Achievement awards on their IGCSE examinations, achieve outstanding IB results, and go on to matriculate at the world’s top universities. YCIS’s international education develops caring, well-rounded, global citizens.


Puxi Ronghua Campus (ages 2-6): 59 West Ronghua Avenue

Puxi Hongqiao Campus (ages 6-11): 11 Shuicheng Road

Puxi Gubei Campus (ages 11-18): 18 West Ronghua Avenue

Pudong Regency Park (ages 2-9): 1817 Huamu Road

Pudong Century Park Campus (ages 9-18): 1433 Dongxiu Road

Lingang Campus (ages 2-8): 1 Yinlian Road



Telephone: +86 (21) 2226 7666

WeChat: YCISShanghai 上海耀中