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This well-known gallery was first opened in the great hall of one of the city's illustrious mansions, but was moved recently to its new venue in an Art Deco building on the West Bund. Now with a decade of experience in Shanghai, this beautiful space has evolved into a leading influence in the Shanghai art world.

From the beginning, the focus of the space has been to unearth new Chinese art and artists and to push their works out to the rest of the world. Their new location on the Bund has allowed for the space to become a popular tourist spot in addition to a respected art gallery, and provides the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the view while absorbing local culture. Because of their unique focus on Chinese artists, Around Space has become a staple in the community, providing a needed outlet for the growth of local culture. Among their recently featured artists are Beili Ding, Feng Han, Saibang He and Jieyin Wang.


ADDRESS: 294 Sichuan Zhong Road

TEL: 021 3305 0100