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When visiting Capsule you will experience the eternal juxtaposition of old and new that's so aparent in Shanghai. Shown through the gallery’s musical performances, film screenings, and shows of contemporary art produced by diverse and creative minds from Chinese and international artists, established and up-and-coming alike. Capsule strives to be at the cutting edge of contemporary art in Shanghai, having already shown animated oil paintings, and combined video-musical shows.


The gallery also serves as an artistic “laboratory” with projects and shows of meta-art, peeling away the distance between the public and the artist’s creative process, in shows focusing upon the very creation of the works hanging in the gallery. The exhibition of the Chinese-Canadian sculptor and multimedia artist Alice Wang has featured her must-see work with gold-gilded fossils. Her sculptural works in beeswax and silver have been featured at the Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE) project room.


ADDRESS: 1/F, Bldg. 16, 275 Anfu Road

TEL: 021 6417 0700