Concordia International School Shanghai 'Art Talk'

In late 2018 Shanghai Family held the annual Art & Writing Competition.  We have received thousands of paintings and compositions from 33 amazing kindergartens, bilingual schools and international schools. This month, we made the final shortlist condensing the list to 88 participants.

We interviewed the finalists from each school and recorded their insights on art and they shared their unique perspectives on why they love Shanghai.

Well trained students of art can explain instraight forward terms the Why of a piece they’ve created, knowing that art canbe studied and one’s skills improved as a result. The Concordia students mention the associations for their pieces as well as their decision processes for their compositions, speaking of contrast and Daisy (G 10) produced a warm scene of local food, with appropriately simple bare style, Anita examined the classic skyline and the impressive Alisa produced a dense, shadowy alleyway scene as a tribute to her school.