Harrow International School Shanghai 'ART TALK'

In late 2018 Shanghai Family held the annual Art & Writing Competition. We received thousands of paintings and compositions from 33 amazing kindergartens, bilingual schools and international schools. Last month, we made the final shortlist, condensing the list to 88 participants.

We interviewed the finalists from each school and recorded their insights on art and they shared their unique perspectives on why they love Shanghai.

Budding artist Bella from year 2 at Harrow International School Shanghai introduced her artworks and her love of Shanghai in a recent ‘Art Talks’ video with Shanghai Family. Bella spoke of her admiration for the monuments of Pudong, especially the Pearl Tower, her keenness for xiaolongbao and her fascination with the changing seasons – according to Bella her home country of Malaysia has only “one season, and that’s summer!”   

James Moan, Head of English at Harrow, explained how the school sees the refining of English abilities as a “shared problem” that everyone working at Harrow must deal with – the language being integrated into each subject, including art. Meanwhile he demonstrated a point of learning with Bella, about looking up unfamiliar words. Charles Ellison, Harrow Head Master, also took time to share updates and congratulations about the practice of art making and teaching.