Yew Chung International School of Shanghai (YCIS)-Art Talk

In late 2018 Shanghai Family held the annual Art & Writing Competition.  We have received thousands of paintings and compositions from 33 amazing kindergartens, bilingual schools and international schools. This month, we made the final shortlist condensing the list to 88 participants.

We interviewed the finalists from each school and recorded their insights on art and they shared their unique perspectives on why they love Shanghai.

For a recent ‘Art Talk’ video chat with Shanghai Family, Yew Chung International School of Shanghai Puxi and Pudong students discussed their love of the city and of art. Cherry and Alice, Mio and Sharlene answered questions about what they “love about living in Shanghai” and mentioned food, friends, and other staples of daily life as their main loves.

Mio and Sharlene explained their artworks depicting the city’s world famous skyline. Sophie, another YCIS artist, showed her piece reflecting Shanghai’s history and traditions in contrast to its modernity – the traditional side is shown by including a woman in old fashioned dress, while the modern world appears through the red spheres of the Pearl Tower. Also featured are YCIS nominees Anne, Elroy, Jane, Lucy, and Siyul who submitted their excellent works in the competition. Thanks to everyone for taking part!