YCIS Puxi 'Kids Talk'

Students of Yew Chung International School of Shanghai, Puxi tell us what they think is the most rewarding aspect of learning Chinese.


Sophia: The most rewarding part of learning Chinese is being able to gain a new perspective on life in Shanghai without a language barrier in speaking, reading or writing.

Robert: The reason I like Chinese is because it means I can make more friends and chat with them.

Roy: The most rewarding part about learning Chinese is that I can help my dad in daily life. For example, ordering food in a restaurant. I feel like a little adult.

Claudia: By learning Chinese I get to make more friends and talk to more people.

Veronica: I like Chinese because not many people in my home country of Romania know it.

Denisa: I like speaking Chinese because I can translate for my parents if they don’t know Chinese or understand what someone is saying.