Watch Young Students Share Cheers For Wuhan!

Since its outbreak in December 2019, 1.4 billion Chinese along with the extended expat community in China have been united in fighting the COVID-19 virus - a "war without guns, bombs or smoke". 

To show our unified support, we invited all students living in Shanghai and surrounding cities to participate in our special contest "Go Wuhan, Go China" alongside our Art & Writing Competition to send love and best wishes to both Wuhan and China. As of now, we have received entries from over 30 schools. 


 (Hit the play button above to watch this week's latest video submissions.)


Of all the video entries we received this week, one in particular stood out. Backed by the latest information from the CDC, a Year Two, Secondary student explains how the previous SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) invades cells of the immune system. A fantastic example that showcases not only his extensive understanding and knowledge about the virus but also his excellent video production skills. 非常棒!


 (Click hereto watch the student video on how SARS-Cov-2 invades cells)


Huge thank you from all of us here at Shanghai Family, Parents&Kids and HuMaNiuWa to all participants who sent in a video entry.


Harrow International School Shanghai


DTD Kindergarten (Jingan Campus)




DTD Kindergarten (Minhang Campus)


Sino-Canada School


Shanghai WenLai International School


Shanghai Pinghe School


Shanghai Fudan Vanke Experimental Private School


Yifu Primary School of Xuhui District, Shanghai


Shanghai City Pudong New Area Zhuyuan Kindergarten


Shanghai Minhang District Xinzhuang Town Primary School


Minhang Experimental Primary School


Shanghai Jing muzhi Kindergarten


The Art Kindergarten of Culture Bureau in Hunan


Hefei No. Ten Senior High School


Nanwai King's College School


China Welfare Institute Nursery


Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School



As of today, the "Go Wuhan, Go China" video contest has come to an end, however there is still time for you to join our Art & Writing Competition. Read below for more details.


"Go Wuhan, Go China" Art & Writing Entries


Children from various schools can also submit a piece of art or writing showing their support for Wuhan and cheers for China. Those who have already submitted pieces following the theme of 'Eco Future' are also welcome to participate in our 'Go Wuhan, Go China' contest.


1. Entry requirements

- Artworks be can either be in the form of a model/ sculpture or a piece that is drawn/sketched or painted. Comics, Chinese paintings, illustrations and other forms are accepted. Photos with a high dpi will be accepted during the epidemic period. 

- Artwork should be completed in A3, models/ sculptures can be any size.

- For the written pieces, children should write an article about the COVID-19 epidemic, sharing feelings of encouragement to Wuhan and China.

- Written pieces should be submitted in either English or Chinese and be at least 250 words.


2. All submissions are due by 10th March 2020.


3. Age Groups

- For fairness' sake, the competition will be separated into two age groups: 3 - 10 and 11 - 18


4. Submissions

- Participants must mail their pieces to our publication office: Room 26C, Block B, Jueshi Building, 29 Xiangcheng Road, Pudong District, Shanghai, China, 200122 (向城路29号爵士大厦B座26C) 

- All written entries must be submitted via email to 

- All pieces should have the entry title, participant name, school, age/ grade, and parent' s/guardian's phone number clearly stated at the bottom of the email.


5. Exhibition

Those who are highlighted in the competition will have the chance to either have their work exhibited or to give a speech at our 2020 Award Ceremony. 

The winning artworks will be published on our Shanghai Family website, plus the Shanghai Family, Parents&Kids and Humaniuwa WeChat Account platforms and magazines. These pieces will then later be exhibited at our 2020 Art&Writing Competition Award Ceremony.


For more information, please follow our official WeChat accounts Shanghai Family, Parents&Kids, and HuMaNiuWa. 

Good luck, everyone!


For any general inquiries, please contact us at 

or 021-58381991, 021-58381961