Shanghai American School Kids Talk

Students from Shanghai American School Pudong tell us about their favorite travel destinations.


I traveled to Switzerland and loved it. My favorite place was Lucerne and I wish I could take all my friends there! The best part about Switzerland is the skiing.


My favorite place that I have traveled to is Hangzhou. There’s so many things to do and see there, especially the West Lake and the Longjing tea plantation. It was so much fun I want to go back again!


My favorite place is South Africa because the weather is really good and I really liked the food! My family and I visited Kruger Park and we saw so much wildlife, like lions and buffalo.


My favorite place is Washington D.C. because of the interesting American history. There are many amazing landmarks like the White House.


My favorite travel destination is probably the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. The beaches are really nice and there are a bunch of theme parks and really pretty waterfalls and scenery.


My favorite place that I have visited was Kenya. It was such a magical place where I saw so much nature and wildlife. I even brought back a handmade souvenir to remind me of my holiday there.


My favorite place that I have visited is Hong Kong. It has an amazing atmosphere and I always enjoy it. I especially love the food and the nice weather.