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Sunday 1st, January 2017    TO    Saturday 1st, June 2019
Beijing’s dinnertime cuisine is so much more than the crowded tourist markets featuring bugs and mystery meat on sticks! Join our small group food tour as we explore delicious, traditional dishes shoulder-to-shoulder with Beijingers in a traditional Hutong neighborhood. You’ll meet your bilingual guide and small group at a convenient location, then head out to try traditional dishes that Chinese chefs have been perfecting for thousands of years.
Friday 1st, December 2017    TO    Monday 31st, December 2018
Now you can order craft cocktails to enjoy at home! Designed by award-winning mixologist and resident bar manager at the Cannery in Shanghai, Michael Chen. Choose from a selection of bottled cocktails that comes with premium cocktail ice, garnish, high-quality plastic cups, napkins and straws.
Sunday 1st, January 2017    TO    Monday 31st, December 2018
Sounds Great! Come to a live show studio to record your own music!
Tuesday 5th, December 2017    TO    Monday 31st, December 2018
The Westin Afternoon Tea
Monday 1st, January 2018    TO    Monday 31st, December 2018
500 years old ancient village from the Qing dynasty where everyone’s surname is Li. Mountain treks past bamboo forests, waterfalls and small villages. Serene landscapes for riverside strolls, picnics and relaxation.
Monday 1st, January 2018    TO    Monday 31st, December 2018
Relax and unwind in the countryside and enjoy nature Hike or cycle to Dadouwu reservoir Trek through bamboo forests to Dayangli
Monday 1st, January 2018    TO    Monday 31st, December 2018
High-altitude Network This complex network of challenges amidst the trees asks climbers and teams to test their mind and body at 20 different levels. Passed by the American Rope Course Technical Association Standards Certification, it’s safe, fun, and you won’t find anything quite like this elsewhere in Shanghai. Rock Climbing Wall The current largest outdoor mountain climbing wall in China, this baby is horizontally divided for climbers of varying skill sets, meaning all ages and levels are welcome on this rock. Meeting international certification standards, it’s home to international climbing competitions every year – but lots of people also come to scale just for fun. High Altitude Rope Drop Let’s mix it up – from top to bottom, with rope dropping you and your teammates find your way from a 15m high platform to the ground in safety. It’s secure, it builds confidence, and it gets you right back to where you started (in a good way though).
Monday 1st, January 2018    TO    Monday 31st, December 2018
First emotional video that is part of the new official channel of Real Madrid C. F. in 360º & VR. The Madrididstas will live a unique experience of feeling as if being inside your club and the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium during a game day. Get your ticket now you cannot miss it!
Monday 1st, January 2018    TO    Monday 31st, December 2018
Shanghai Tower stands in the heart of the Lujiazui Financial Zone in Shanghai’s Pudong New Area. The majestic high-rise boasts 127 floors above the ground and 5 floors below ground level. Of the 578,000-square meters total construction space, 410,000 square meters rise above the ground, with 168,000 square meters built underground. The project covers an area of 30,368 square meters.The building encompasses business, hotel, entertainment and sighting. At 632 meters, Shanghai Tower is now the tallest building in China, and the second tallest in the world.