Pool Party! 5 pools/waterparks for a family getaway

By 2018-12-20 23:26:08

Shanghai is reaching record summer temperatures, and the 100 percent humidity isn't helping much, either. We've circled the five best pools and waterparks to take the family to for a chill weekend excursion.

1. Sofitel Hotel Sheshan Oriental


The Sofitel in Sheshan, about an hour away from Shanghai, has its own manmade beach beside a sprawling, shallow pool. There's also a Volleyball net, a waterslide, Lazy-River inflateable boats for rent and an outdoor bar for adults. The cost per person isn't cheap, but there really is enough to spend the whole summer day at the Sofitel, with restaurants, a Virtual Reality room and a full spa inside. On Sundays, there's all-you-can-eat brunch with bottomless Champagne too. Well worth it in our opinion!

Cost: ¥300 per person for all-day pool access, ¥718 per person for Sunday brunch + champagne + all-day pool access.

Address: 3388 Sichen Gong Rd, near Jiasong Nan Rd, Songjiang district

2. Playa Maya Beach Water Park


Happy Valley, Shanghai's premier amusement park, opened up a waterpark to complement their towering rides in the summertime. The Playa Maya, designed with Ancient Mayan architecture in mind, features a wave pool and beach, a "Mayan Water Village," plenty of slides and a massive tubing ride. And with 128,000 square meters of space, there's room for everyone, although it does get crowded on the weekends.

Cost: ¥230 for all-day access.

Address: 888 Linhu Rd, 佘山镇 Songjiang Qu, Shanghai Shi, China

3. Dino Beach Water Park


The cat's out of the bag for Dino Beach, so it's unadvisable to go there on a summer weekend due to the crowds. But if you can schedule a weekday visit, it's a wonderful escape for you and your family. With a massive wave pool, countless water slides and a properly lethargic lazy river, Dino Beach is a great place to chill for a day.

Cost: ¥150 per person on the weekdays, ¥180 per person on the weekends.

Address: No.88, Xinzhen Road, Minhang District, Shanghai

4. Shimao Riviera Garden


With both an indoor and outdoor pool, Pudong residential apartment Shimao Riviera Garden offers a luxurious day of swimming both for families trying to escape the sun as well as those trying to soak up the rays. Again, the weekends get packed though.

Cost: ¥200 per person.

Address: 1-2 Weifang Xi Lu, near Pucheng Lu

5. Purple Mountain Hotel


At night, this place is a fiesta, but during the day it's a great place to take the family and take in the rooftop views and some sunshine. There's a kiddie pool for the youngsters and the crowds are much thinner than at the aformentioned waterparks.

Cost: ¥150 per person, ¥80 for kids under 0.8 meters.

Address: 778 Dongfang Lu, near Zhangyang Lu