Clothes That Spark Joy

By Eve Wee-Ang, model photographer Wei Kuan Tay 2019-05-29 17:20:20

Children's Fashions

Hi, my name is Eve and I am a mother of two. I came from the fashion industry, so you’d probably think that I’m an expert in this area. But what if I told you I only figured out the type of clothes that give me joy not so long ago? The most important step in creating a wardrobe is to first build a foundation of basics that you love. So, before I take you shopping in this column, do yourself a favour and listen attentively to the type of clothes that make your heart dance. Aren’t sure? Open up your wardrobe, remove all your clothes and pile them up on the bed. Now hold each one and save only those that make your heart skip with joy. This will arm you with confidence and take the guesswork out of shopping. It's generally easy to ask a child to pick their favourite clothes, in fact, you probably already know since they wear it again and again. As a mum, I admit I buy clothes that I like for my daughter. I had never wondered if the feeling was mutual until we decluttered her closet together and she guiltily admitted she wore some items not because she likes them but because I had bought it. It was a powerful eye-opener.With that in mind, this month we looked into favourite spring fashions in Shanghai that bring families joy. Enjoy!

Kid's Style


Coming to the end of winter and beginning of spring is an excellent time for girls to wear their favourite items underneath a light spring jacket. Time to dust those glittery princess shoes and pair those tutu skirts with a pair of tights! For extra joy, bring their favourite cuddle-buddy along for the ride.

Thanks to Anna Lo for being our March model. Anna's favourite colour is pink, she adores Frozen and loves her stuffed cat Marie. Anna likes Gap for her girly fix and Jacardi for shoes.

Princess dress, 199 RMB find it at Me & City Kids

Glitter ballet pumps, 465 RMB, find them at JNBY

Kid's Style


Ask boys who their favourite Superhero character is and chances are you will be met with excitement in their eyes along with some action moves. For this new season, discreetly layer their favourite superhero long-sleeve tee under a jacket. When the mission calls for it, simply unzip the jacket to reveal their Superhero identity.

Thanks to March model Micah Lo. Micah loves all things Marvel and his favourite t-shirt lets him switch between Spiderman and Captain America depending on which superhero he wants to be day to day. On days off, Micah visits Gap or trawls Taobao with mum for cool superhero attire.

Captain America T-shirt, 99 RMB find it on Disney Tmall store

Spiderman trainers, 300 RMB, find them at Adidas stores

Spiderman hoodie, 258 RMB, find it on Disney Tmall store

Parent Style


When my children were toddlers, and I was trying not to look like a mad woman, I created a mum uniform to look chic yet practical. I bought staples that worked for example jeans and black tops in multiple styles. I then threw on a printed scarf or earrings to add spark to my outfit. Do create a wardrobe of basics that you love and buy them in multiples. Spice them up with accessories that make you smile.


Parent Style


Men are masters at creating a wardrobe of classics. When they find a brand that works, chances are they remain loyal customers for life. A basic wardrobe filled with neutral colours can easily be spruced up for the coming spring with a hint of colour from a collared shirt under a cardigan. Subtle details like this add a fun touch to a monochromatic outfit.



Thanks to James Lo, father of two who loves clean, simple and practical clothes. His“spark joy”colours are grey and blue, and he is wearing his favourite 12-year-old jeans from True Religion. James’go-to basics are Uniqlo and Jasmine Cashmere - located in Xuhui District.

Spring jacket, 499 RMB, designed by Croquis

Men's jacket, 2690 RMB, designed by Croquis