Bicycling Tips for Both Sides of The Bund

By Gina Batmunkh 2021-03-02 12:20:56


It’s the time of the year again when cycling becomes more enjoyable, without the need of perspiring heavily. We have great tracks to take your cycling experience to the next level with your family. In fact, take your whole family out for the weekend, and get on a bicycle to explore the charms of Shanghai in the open air. It is worth the time and energy, we promise! 


As a parent, I am sure we all worry about the safety of our children, basically for everything. It is a bit scary to cycle on the streets of Shanghai. Some drivers are insanely rude and fast, and let’s not talk about people on electric bikes who never seem to stop staring at their phones instead of focusing on the road ahead. To put your mind at ease, we would like to recommend to you these amazing yet beautiful bike routes for you and your family without worrying about dodging traffic. In addition, cycling is a much healthier option and puts less burden on the environment.



East Bund



Oh man, let me tell you, once you discover this route you will want to come back every time. Every now and then, my husband and I like to cycle here, except during the summery months with sauna-like weather. That being said, the best seasons to cycle around Shanghai are during autumn and spring.  While cycling, you can take breaks at the resting areas located every 2km throughout the cycling track. Also, the resting areas are useful to provide shelter when it rains.



There are many ways that exercise can boost your mood and cycling allows the basic release of adrenalin and endorphin which improves confidence. Cycling combines physical exercise while being outdoors and exploring new areas and views. You can cycle with your families, or cycle solo which gives you peace of mind to process your thoughts and worries. Also, to broaden your social network, you can cycle in groups.  It is such an absolute pleasure to get out there and cycle on this beautiful track. There are more people cycling and strolling during the weekend than the weekday, thus you should avoid speeding and instead be polite with other cyclers and pedestrians.



Approximately 6 kilometres from Lujiazui, you will find yourself in front of the Mercedes-Benz Arena. Cycling allows you to see places close up yet at a slow pace, giving you an intimate experience with nature. If you continue to cycle a little further, you get to see the China Pavillion as well as Riverside Mall.



Take a break along this beautiful walk by the pond which is quiet and peaceful. Even just sitting beside the pond for five minutes is relaxing and you will feel your stress drift away. Before moving on, we suggest you explore the area a little bit more by discovering the charming surroundings. You will notice amazing lotus flower ponds, meadows (Instagram worthy) and beautiful different types of flowers.



It takes approximately 16 kilometres to reach the end called “South Wall” from Lujiazui. It is such an experience to cycle this way, and yet there are lots of things to see and to do along the way. There are playgrounds, cafes, restaurants and so much more. Well, congratulations if you can make it to the “South Wall”, you deserve a pat on the back and you’ve earned massive bragging rights. You deserve a celebratory drink by the end of the day!



Cycling from Lujiazui to the left, East Bund has a lot to offer. From cafes, art museums to fine dining restaurants. One of the best things about cycling while passing Lujiazui is that you get to enjoy a lovely view of the Bund across the Huangpu River. Whether it is the morning or the evening, the Shanghai skyline will never fail to impress you.



Since we have introduced you to the South Wall, there should be a North Wall, right? So, it will take you 8 kilometres from Lujiazui to reach the wall. If you can make it, give yourself another pat on the back. You just earned yourself another celebratory drink! Woohoo!



Cycling in the evening is an amazing experience too. You will get to see the beautiful night skyline of Shanghai which personally I never get bored of. You also get to enjoy the dancing aunties and singing uncles belting out their public karaoke.



West Bund



The truth is, the West Bund is not as convenient as cycling in Pudong, but worth it if you’re looking for a relaxing solo trip. I started off my route from the Bund Ferry Terminal, and I cycled approximately 2km to reach the safe cycling track. From there, I relaxed a little bit and enjoyed the beautiful view. Along the way, you could see a rose garden, Huangpu River view, and buildings that used to be for Expo sites back in 2010. Noticeably, you can find teamLab Borderless at Hua Yuan Gang road. If you haven’t been there and see the amazing artworks, you should visit as soon as possible.



Right after exploring the former Expo site, it is time to get out of the cycling track and enter the traffic. It takes about another 2 km to reach the next cycling track. Once you reach, you get to see people enjoying their picnics, skaters zoom by, kids running around, and see furry friends play catch. I usually like to take a rest in one of the resting area rooms near here. It is well decorated, clean and air-conditioned, which checks all the requirements off the list.



I cannot leave without mentioning how exquisite it is to cycle during spring. There will be flower blossoms everywhere which make your cycling experience even more special. It is just impossible not to stop and admire the flowers along the way. Hydrangea, daisy, sakura and many more flowers are there to impress you and will give your Instagram feed the gorgeous, floral and springy look you deserve.



It takes a great amount of energy to cycle around, which means you have an excuse to have some guilt-free snacks or a meal perhaps. In my case, it will be a Chongqing style hot-pot or a chocolate muffin that I cannot resist. Cycling is a form of exercise that not only improves overall health but also helps to enhance lung and heart health, limiting the chance of gaining weight. I really hope you can slide in some cycling session in your busy weekly schedule. Regular exercise is crucial for a balanced, healthy and happy life. 


Happy Cycling!


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