Walk Along the Bund: Cool Docks to Old Bund

By Anabela Mok 2021-03-24 11:09:04

There is something beautiful and surreal when we see the famous Shanghai architecture in person, versus seeing them from a photograph. What is more stunning though, is the walk you can take from Cool Docks up to the old Bund area and see all these cool iconic buildings in real life. With shaded areas, quiet patches of grass with bike and running trails, this is one area worth visiting with your family.



Brief History:


South of the Bund, Cool Docks is one of the older areas south of the Bund, which was home to industrial factories. Just a little north of this area is the famous Shiliu Pier. This pier was originally built in the Song Dynasty (960-1127) when the Huangpu River replaced the Wusong River as east China’s main waterway. As the port began trading with foreigners, this became a trading hot spot for cargo ships travelling to southeast Asia and to the Americas and Europe. The name Shiliu Pier reflects the 16 docks that were formerly used in this area for trading, hence the name when translated into English means, 16 piers.’” 



Walking along the promenade that goes parallel along Zhongshan East 2nd Road, you can see old Shikumen influenced-style houses as well as former skeletons of these docks transformed into entertainment and dining hubs.


What to See:


There is plenty to eat, walk, drink if you go on this long stroll. Quite honestly, this is one of the better walks I have experienced with my family and would gladly go again—if I am more prepared.




Cool Docks



There is a lot of hype surrounding this area since it was developed over ten years ago as the “new” Xintiandi. With the never-ending construction that seems to be the signature of the neighborhood, we already begin to see the beautiful transformation of the area. 




Kathleen's Waitan



Go for a relaxing weekend brunch while enjoying the 270-degree views of the Huangpu River. Their brunch offering is a real bargain, featuring three courses plus a cocktail for 298 RMB. Sit on their outdoor terrace if you can, you won’t regret it.




Indigo Hotel



For an afternoon tea, stop by the Indigo Hotel. From CHAR restaurant & grill you can take in the beautiful sites. It is relaxing to see the ships pass by the building.



Bund Financial Center



If you are walking on the promenade from Cool Docks up towards the old Bund, you will pass this area. You can decide to take a quick break and walk through the mall. For kids, there is a DIY area accessible via escalator from the outdoor mezzanine to the B1 level.




Shiliu Pier



It’s historical importance to Shanghai’s trading heritage has now given way to be the start of river cruise ship tours on the Huangpu River. 


The pedestrian walk will continue taking you to the famous Bund area of Shanghai, where you will walk parallel to Zhongshan East 1st Road. Here you can enjoy the Art Deco-styled architecture facing the waterfront.



Whether you go with your infant in a stroller or your toddler on their scooter, the wide promenade is a relaxing activity you can do with your family. Just remember to bring sunscreen and a bottle of water. There are clean public restrooms on street levels and ramps throughout the exit points which make it easier to get around.


If you are still hankering for more of the Bund, take a bike and cycle!