Complementary and Alternative Wellness

By Lynn Yen 2021-07-29 11:37:58

Yoga long ago became a mainstream wellness practice. Meditation is now ubiquitous. TCM practices like acupuncture, cupping, tuina massage can be found in any Shanghai neighborhood. If you are curious to travel further into complementary and alternative medicine, here are some options.


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Sound Bath Meditation


Creative Shelter offers a meditation class of sounds for deep rest and relaxation. Participants lay down or are in a seated position with a blanket and eye mask. Various sounds are layered on top of each other from tuning forks, Himalayan singing bowls, to gongs.


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Address: B1, OneEast, 788 South Zhongshan 1st Road



Float Tanks


Floatasian Float Spa lets you float in dense salt water, à la the Dead Sea, for serious sensory deprivation relaxation. Floatasian has three floatation pods, two are extra large and imported from Sweden. Inside you are welcomed into a dark, quiet, body temperature environment.


Address: Unit A, Bldg 5, 2F, 288 Dagu Road


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Flower Essences and Aura Cleansing


The Andean Apothecary uses essences made of Andean and Peruvian flowers to help with emotions and energies. The flower essence is sold as candles, dried for use in the bath, and in oil form. They also do Sound Therapy and Aura Cleansing, an ancient South American Shamanic form of healing. Aura Cleansing uses an egg that is passed over the body to absorb bad energy.







For those familiar with TCM there is acupressure. Similar to acupuncture but acupressure presses on qi energy points, while acupuncture uses tiny needles. The goal is to promote blood circulation and help energy flow.


The Vita Hotel Spa at InterContinental Hotel Shanghai Pudong offers acupressure massage. Try it out on ClassPass.


Address: 4F, 777 Zhangyang Road



Tai Chi


Tai Chi is called many things, shadow boxing, meditation in motion, and has a wide range of benefits like improved posture, flexibility, and immune system. You can find practitioners of Tai Chi in parks across the city. To learn the skill with English instruction, Pure Tai Chi offers bilingual classes.


Address: 4F, 68 Middle Yincheng Road





Ayurveda is Sanskrit for “science of life”. SomaVana Ayurveda Clinic combines traditional Indian holistic health practices of massage, meditation, yoga and herbal remedies. Their treatments and classes range from breath work, healing gong, to covering all parts of the body - digestion, eye, and spine. SomaVana also hosts education sessions to learn more about Ayurveda.


Address: 7F, Tianping Hotel, 185 Tianping Road

WeChat: Somavana

Facebook: SomaVana - Ayurveda Clinic in Shanghai





Body and Soul Clinic offers the Japanese practice of Reiki. Reiki helps unblock the qi, life force in the body, through light touch and hovering hands. The session can help with relaxation, improve sleep, and ease physical pain.


Address: 211 Chengjiaqiaozhi Road