Lean Out Your Family's Closet With a Capsule Wardrobe

By 2018-12-20 23:26:08

De-clutter to the essentials

Can you list every item in your wardrobe? Or might you find a few moths flying out of your over-crowded shelves? The idea behind a capsule wardrobe is to minimize waste and have a selection of key items that you can mix and match for more than one occasion. Ask yourself, have you worn that top in the last two months? Do you feel amazing in it? Does it fit? If the answer is no, it’s time to say goodbye. Once you’ve done the hardest part, and responsibly recycled whatever you’re not keeping, it’s time to build your new closet:

1. Striped T-Shirt, ¥149; Gap; gap.com

2. Salmon Sweater, ¥199;Uniqlo; uniqlo.cn

3. Wooden Sunglasses, Kate Wood, ¥788; kate-wood.com.cn

4. Black Flats, Aldo, ¥319; aldoshoes.com/cn/zh

5. Blue Straight-leg Jeans, ¥399; Gap

6. Black Straight-leg Jeans, ¥399; Gap

7. Black Ruffle Maxi Dress, ¥1,599; Sandro Paris; us.sandro-paris.com

8. Brown Belt, ¥199; Uniqlo

9. Tiger's Eye Drop Necklace, ¥240; Massimo Dutti; massimodutti.cn

10. Marble Watch, ¥1,120; Analogue Watch Co.; analoguewatchco.com

The benefits of downsizing and de-cluttering

  • Reducing clutter clears your mind, increasing your general well-being.
  • Having to make fewer choices makes us feel better and spend less time looking in our closet!
  • Decrease the likelihood of making some new moth friends.
  • You'll have a little extra cash to spend on a night out or an experience with your family.
  • Makes packing easier for trips or repatriation.
  • By owning less, you'll gain more time to focus on what's important and the experiences that are right in front of you!

1. Kensington Trench, ¥16,500; Burberry; cn.burberry.com

2. Black Tote Bag, ¥299; Gap

3. Leather Sneaker, ¥999; Ralph Lauren; ralphlauren.com

4. Denim Button Up, ¥399; Gap

5. Craberry Pleated SKirt, ¥599; Zurita; zurita-design.com

6. Washed T-Shirt, ¥79; Gap

7. Circular Statement Necklace, ¥350; Massimo Dutti

8. Off-the-Shoulder Blouse, ¥79; Uniqlo

9. Sustainable Bright Lipstick, ¥168; The Organic Skin Co.; WeChat ID: MyLolasBeauty

10. Silk V-Neck Cami, ¥439; Grana; tmall.com

11. Pastel Crepe Pants, ¥349; Gap


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